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09 April 2010 @ 09:50 pm
So Close and Yet So Far  
I remember when I was a kid, I love to watch a certain anime series on TV. It was called Digimon Adventures 01, and I’m sure people know it quite well since it was one of the more popular animes back then, alongside Pokemon and sailor moon. Right now you’re probably thinking what the heck is the connection of an anime to the campaign or to my choice in the upcoming elections. It’s quite clear that I support the Aquino-Roxas tandem. I mean some of my friends and even family members support other candidates, but I stand behind my decision to support Noy and Mar. Now going back to the connection between the two… (I’ll try not to use too many spoilers) anyone who’s familiar with the storyline will know about the ‘crests’ given to each digidestined child (aka the main characters). These crests symbolize certain characteristics or traits that they possess which help them to socialize well with other people. It helps them cope with certain situations. It also enables their digimon to digivolve to a higher level. But enough about that… I think that the 9 crests summarize what characteristics I find in the tandem that makes me want to vote for them.

The first crest is that of COURAGE. Courage defined in the dictionary is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.” Okay, so I know that bravery and courage is not exactly the same thing, but anyway. I remember this quote in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone… the one at the end of the year feast wherein Dumbledore awards last minute points. He says: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” We all know that with Senator Noy, that he will not interfere if ever friends, or allies or whatever will get involved in certain cases. He will not abuse his power to do so. In doing that, or even making that pronouncement, he exhibits courage. I really know that it takes a great amount of courage to stand up to your friends, and to not interfere if they do anything wrong. I’ve experienced it before, and I’m sure that Senator Noy can likewise do the same. Also, running for the presidency, in my opinion, would take a great amount of courage because you are going to enter a battlefield whose result is unknown. Anything can happen. There are a lot of problems that need to be overcome. Issues, mudslinging, black propaganda and the like. The road to Malacanang is not an easy one. But Senator Noy is willing to face all those difficulties because he knows that he can help improve the condition of this country. And I believe that he can help change this country for the better.

The word love has a lot of definitions. But let’s stick to one of the most basic definitions. The second crest was LOVE. I read up on the description of love used in the anime and it said that it was more of the ability to care for others, a compassionate kind of love rather than that romantic type of love. I think that Senator Noy genuinely loves his countrymen and this country because, although reluctant at first, he decided to run for the presidency. He believed that he can change the situation that we are in. By sacrificing a lot of things in running for the presidency: his time for himself, his time with his loved ones among the few. From his ads, I can really say that he genuinely cares for the people of this country. I know that’s it’s not just an elegantly crafted script of sorts. It’s real, it’s genuine. He loves the people with all his heart and I think that’s one of the things that he actually learned from his parents, and I’m glad that there’s actually a presidentiable that truly cares for the welfare of the people.

The third was FRIENDSHIP. Alright, we all know the quote that No man is an island. I also heard one from another anime, a quote that I hold close to my heart, ‘Choose the people you know you can trust.’ And of course, most of the people we would trust aside from our family is our friends. Alright, people say things about the company he keeps and what not that he might just use his power for the benefit of those close to him, but I believe otherwise. I’m sure that Senator Noy has friends he keeps close. People who are sure to support him no matter what happens. People who are friends with him unconditionally. They’re friends with him not because of the power he has but because he’s a real and trustworthy person to be with. They do say ‘Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.’ The people he surrounds himself with gives us a perception of who he really is. I’m sure he surrounds himself with people who are trustworthy and willing to serve the people. So I genuinely believe that he too will support the people and serve them willingly. I mean, why would be friends with people that genuinely serve the people if they say that he does not do so or vice-versa? I also think that he values his friends and the people around him greatly, a trait that I admire a lot not only in him, but in other people as well. It’s one of the traits that sets him apart too.

‘The quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical’ that is SINCERITY. I believe that of all the candidates, Noy is the most sincere. He is not running for the sake of gaining more power, or to increase his wealth or what not, but he wants to really serve the people. He is sincere in making the promises he has made. I think that sincerity is one of the more important characteristics that a president should have. If a person is not sincere, for example the president, then how will the people respect him or believe him? If you decide to lead this country then it should be with all your heart, and not just because of personal interests. I really believe that he’s not going to use the presidency for his personal gains, and I’m sure that he’s definitely not going to deceive the people and later on just apologize for it.

Of course we have to look at how competent the candidate is, and sometimes one of the things they look at to judge their competence is their academic background. ‘Familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study’ is KNOWLEDGE. And I’m sure that after all the Senator Noy and his family has gone through their entire lives, he knows quite a lot about the ideal type of government. A government that will really be for the people. They say that he has no experience that will help him run this country, but I disagree. Imagine, acting as the man of the house when your father was wrongly put it jail, surviving a coup attempt during your mother’s term and reluctantly running for the presidency because the people want you because they believe in you greatly. He’s perfectly aware of the political situation in this country and he really believes that he can change that situation. With all the experience I think that he’s pretty knowledgeable and capable of really changing this country for the better.

Sixth is RELIABILITY. We need a president who will be there for the people. Someone who will genuinely serve the people. Of course reliability is one of the more important qualities of a leader. I mean will you choose a leader that wouldn’t be there when you needed him or her the most? We need someone who can really connect with the people, someone who understands them, what they need, what will be best for them. The people need someone they can depend on in times of need. Of course it shouldn’t mean that people could depend on the president all the time and then blame them afterwards if things go wrong. But they need someone who they can depend on in making sure that the quality of life here will improve.

Seventh is HOPE. Noy has big hopes for this country. Hope may seem to be a difficult term to define, but think of it as something similar to wish fulfillment. He really believes that his hope of a better country will come true. Of course, it’s not only hoping that this country will improve, but he partners that with action. But of course desiring for good is an admirable quality in any person. Of course I believe that he’s the hope of this country because he can serve this country selflessly. We all desire for a better life, more opportunities, a bigger, better and brighter future. And I believe that under an Aquino administration, this hope will become reality.

Eighth is LIGHT also called GOOD (in the anime). Alright, it’s weird that it’s called light. But basically it’s doing good. Of course when you speak of politics, there are people who believe that the people engaged in politics are no longer good one way or another. But it’s in a person to choose whether he chooses the wrong or right path. Like what was said in the latest ad, each person, each politician has a choice to make: whether to take the straight and correct path, or the crooked and winding path. I’m sure that Noy will make the right decisions because he wants only what is good for this country. Heck he might be the ‘light’ of this country or whatever. A single ray of light in all the darkness and the problems this country has experienced. And I believe in that.

Lastly is KINDNESS. If I relate it to the previous trait, kindness can truly be shown to others if your intentions in doing a certain act is good. You want only what’s best for the people. I remember this certain movie where they pushed for a random act of kindness. Each one of us is capable of doing any random act of kindness but we are not aware of it, but somehow, we’ve touched people’s lives. In his entire lifetime, I’m sure that Noy has touched peoples’ lives with his own random acts of kindness. I can also relate it to the trait of compassionate love, because he wants only the best for others.

Thirty days to go (according to facebook. So I think the 30 days meaning before May 10 and not may 10 itself) and the future of this country is in our hands. It’s actually quite amusing that the countdown of 30 days landed on Araw ng kagitingan… The day of valor. In World War II many soldiers perished in a war that has changed this world. Valor is basically courage and bravery especially in battle. This is a long battle we’re fighting and Senator  Noy, senator mar and the entire SLAMAT LORRRD need us to be with them in this long battle. We cannot falter or lose hope. Come May 10, we’re the ones tasked to choose who will be the best to lead us to a brighter tomorrow. Tumaya na ako. I will stand behind Noy, mar and the SLAMAT LORRRD along with others who believe in their capabilities. We’ve come so far to give up. We cannot stop because camps have been accusing each other of various things. We entered this long battle together, and we’re going to finish it together. We’ve won the smaller battles, but there’s still a ‘war’ to win and anything can happen. Thirty days will go by, and soon it will be judgment day. Every second, minute, hour and day counts. We have to do whatever we can for this cause we all believe in. There’s no room for mistakes now, no backing out, no turning back. We’ve come so far to just give up. I’m sure we can finish it to the end, and eventually emerge victorious.
Jelly: huh - Koromonjellyjay on April 10th, 2010 08:19 am (UTC)
I love how I'm totally not the only one who uses the values from Digimon as a judge of character :3
Paulaicy_flares on April 10th, 2010 08:21 am (UTC)
=)) sorry i randomly thought of it hahaha. and i don't want it too complicated plus it practically sums it up!
Jelly: huh - Koromonjellyjay on April 10th, 2010 08:27 am (UTC)
In saying that, is it sad that a lot of my values came out of Digimon anyway? I'm not even kidding, when it comes to judging a person's character, I don't even think about half the stuff you're supposed to consider (like tradition, religion, cultural and ethical values), cuz Digimon totally shaped my idea of a person XDD
Paulaicy_flares on April 10th, 2010 08:30 am (UTC)
well i mean of course i don't only use Digimon to judge people... but somehow it would encompass a lot of things. Of course, i didn't put how the candidate is religious and stuff like that, because it's a given and there's a separation of church and state especially in politics, and no one doubts his ethical values. =))
Jellyjellyjay on April 10th, 2010 08:34 am (UTC)
Welp, from what I've seen on Filo News (That's all I get in Australia, wth), GO SENATOR NOY :D
Paulaicy_flares on April 10th, 2010 08:37 am (UTC)
THANK YOU. You are a blessing! He's doing rather well and we're all glad, and all... but we can't be too complacent. a Month to go, and it's heating up. We're working our hardest!!