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06 August 2009 @ 06:00 am
Yeah it seems funny that that is my title, but you don't know what i've gone through today because some person just GOT MY UMBRELLA when i left it there to dry while i was in english class. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*N. Pag labas ko, MY UMBRELLA WAS GONE.

HEAVEN HELP ME. Give me my umbrella back! You might think, dude, chill it's just an umbrella. YEAH SURE. It's an expensive umbrella and I LIKE THAT ONE. it cost me 600 bucks. It's a cute blue checkered umbrella that's automatic.

And when i couldn't find it, prof de ocampo gave me this lost black umbrella. she said there's no way i can see my umbrella again. ANO BAAAAAAAAAAA. I want my umbrella back!!!! :((((((( Kakainis nga eh. The stupid umbrella prof gave me WAS BROKEN. I hate it.  I WANT MY UMBRELLA.

On other things, i cried because of that because my mom was sure to be mad that i lost it... Thanks so much Cheska and Francis for offering to help me like wanting to walk with me sharing an umbrella... Francis even offered his jacket (although he added that if it wasn't so wet and if he wasn't gonna use it he'd lend it.) Thanks so much anyways for the offers. I appreciate it. :D

yeah, so Francis was back in French and madame took a few minutes talking about the funeral of Cory Aquino. Ah yes... well i was so happy in french, then it spiralled downwards, and now, well medyo okay na rin. MEdYO


To that soul who got my umbrella (whether by mistake or because you needed something to shield you from the rain and so you got it, let's not beat around the bush, steal.) please, if your conscience bugs you, give it back CAL 510. I have english there tuesdays and thursdays... PLEAAAAAAAASE

17 July 2009 @ 02:59 am
...but usually, at this time, i'd be going home... :))

The day started off with me not wanting to get out of bed, since both my brothers don't have classes today. Then i did my usual routine, got held up a bit and finally left the house at around 7... (I really had no intention of commuting today)

geez, it really was pouring. When i got to the math building, we saw a bunch of the kids who have the same class time as mine leave (duh i should've known they were leaving na.) And as soon as i got off the car, i went to the entrance and the guard asked me this:

"saan ka pupunta?" (and i'm like, he-llo. I'm wearing my ID thanks Mr. Guard)

"To my class?" (Question mark pa eh. XD)

"walang pasok." (I was all. O_O WTF. And i turned around and saw my car was leaving)

And i literally ran after my car, even if it was moving so slowly, but apparently my parents didn't see me. So THEY LEFT ME AT MB. :| I was all akhlkghsdjgflkahdlskahfslkdhfDON'T LEAVE MEEEE.

And I tried to call my dad. TWICE. But i suddenly realized he wasn't picking up because maybe he thought i was the 'white dinosaur'. :)) HAHAHAHAHA Just take it in. XDDDD And i texted, no answer, kasi baka nga yung White Dinosaur. :)) And then i called my mom.

By this time, I had met up with jamie and Mark (2 i think), my math and geog classmates... :))  We were all wearing red as planned for Buzz Lightyear's class. Too bad classes got suspended. As in pagkasabi sa kin nung guard, nag text block rep namin. And i was all, THANKS. I got this just now. :))

Finally my mom called me back, and after 10 minutes or so, they came back and picked me up. (Apparently, they were near Sta. Clara already. :|) All this time i was texting Kat who also had a similar experience today, only she was on the way pa lang to UP. Lucky her. :))

Finally, my car came back and picked me up YAY. :D

BTW, I'm watching HP6 TOMORROW!! With my cousin and my brothers.YAY!!! :D:D:D:D


I'm pretty aware i posted something about it yesterday HAHAHAHA. Duh. But FMA is so awesome, one post can't sum it all up. :D

Sidenote: I loved the opening song. *squeeeeeeee!!!* :)) Ang ganda lang nung stuff na nakalagay dun. And of course, as always the major (super major) characters have this 'This is why i'm cool' shot. :)) *and i always loved Roy's and Riza's* And the ending song was cute, because the animation was so adorable. :D *SCRIBBLES*

So Kat and I have something to fangirl about again. and we're doing it now. :) She's DL-ing it, i watched it yesterday. GAWD I LOVE FMA SO MUCH. :>

Now i can't wait for the next chapter. (CHAPTER 94 plzzzz... Now?? :D) And if i remember correctly, next chapter will be epic because of something. BASTA. :)) HAHAHAHAH

And back to a more sane post. Away from all the fangirling. April 6 was so great!!! Not only because i watched FMA. basta. Aya knows.... :D and so does mark...:)) HAHAHAHAHA
Basta. back to chatting with kat. :D

10 March 2009 @ 07:02 am
So there. :)) HAHAHAHA

First on my agenda: OMG, :(( There's a brand new Seiyuu cast for FMA TV2 (link is somewhere...). :| OH NOES.
:| when i saw it, i couldn't believe it.


Romi Paku as Edward Elric
Rie Kugimiya as Alphonse Elric 
Megumi Takamoto as Winry Rockbell 
Shinichiro Miki as Roy Mustang
Fumiko Orikasa as Riza Hawkeye 
Kenji Utsumi as Alex Louis Armstrong 
Keiji Fujiwara as Maes Hughes 
Yuji Ueda as Jean Havoc 
Kenji Hamada as Vato Falman 
Kaori Nazuka as Maria Ross 
Hidekatsu Shibata as King Bradley
Kenta Miyake as Scar 
Kikuko Inoue as Lust
Tetsu Shiratori as Gluttony
Minami Takayama as Envy
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Kimblee
Kouichi Yamadera as Isaac
OMG. Only Ed, Al and Hughes' seiyuu are from the original anime. :| OH NOES. :(( TORU ISN'T ROY ANYMORE!! waaaaaaaaaah.... and i'm gonna miss his voice. I mean, from what i've read about Miki Shin, he's a pretty good seiyuu, but no one replaces Toru as the original Roy voice. And besides people fell in love with his hot, sexy voice which became a Roy Mustang trademark. :))

AND. Michiko Neya isn't returning either. :( AWWWW.... But but but... i loved Michiko neya. She was so cool.... I'm not too familiar with Fumiko's work. But hopefully she does well.

Megumi Toyoguchi isn't coming back either. :(( Looks like Winry is getting a new seiyuu. Hopefulyl she does well also.

Next, WHO IS ISAAC?! I don't remember any character named Isaac in the manga. Someone refresh me please. :(( *I'm still waiting for chapter 93, Arakawa-sensei, sana bukas sya lalabas. Birthday gift mo na lang sa akin even if you don't know me. And don't forget the ROYAI please. :> Thanks*

So we had our first grad practice today. And my batch number is... *drumroll* 100. I'm not kidding. :)) HAHAHAHA So there. And people have been greeting me non-stop. Which i love so much. THANK YOU. :)  ILY GUYS SO MUCH

(hahahaha, so basically it's a FMA centric post. :)) HAHAHA)

06 March 2009 @ 05:55 am
Yeah, yeah yeah.... our exams are over. We no longer need to study all those mind blowing physics formulas, or remember all those Greek myth characters or recite the numbers in Japanese over and over again...

Let me say that the simplest things, like for example, Canon in D on the Piano makes everyone remember how near our graduation is. This batch has been through a lot, and somehow, I'm glad that i belong to this batch. We are the DREAM BATCH. (come on, admit it. even teachers say so *wink wink*)

Today was not like other days. Today was the day we were going to have to face exams in high school for the LAST TIME. When the physics test was over, i could hear the screams and shouts of the people outside of our room, then i saw some of the students run going to our side of the corridor screaming, hugging people in their path. Just happy that it was ALL OVER.

Today was not like other days. a lot of things happened today. I've seen people who i know to be so strong, calm despite all the troubles somehow crumble and end up on the verge of tears. I've seen disappointed faces. I've heard the complaints and yeah, today was not like any other day.

And yeah, we're near the end guys. Let's just have fun. We've come full circle, and the end is near. Next month, we'll be living separate lives, taking separate paths. But for the next two weeks or so, let's make good use of the time. ILY SENIORS 09. :)


What was the first motion that you ever debated in? As in yung first?
I forgot the exact wording of the motion, but it was about Burma. Of course I’d remember that day, IDeA Lite, I think it was in July, if I remember correctly… That was our very first round and we won that round surprisingly.

What was the last motion naman?
I’m not going to state the entire motion, but it was about Guantanamo Bay. I still hate it until now.

Who was/were your first ever debate partner/s in your first ever debate tournament? What was your team letter then?
Well, it was Ate Rix… I was a freshman, she a Junior, and we were both newbies in debate. HAHAHA Team letter… it was either SPCP B or SPCP C. I forget. But I do remember where the IDeA Lite was then, it was at UST… I also remember who brought us there, it was Ate Ana. :))

Who was/were your last debate partner/s in your last debate tournament? What was your team letter then?
SPCP A (ang walang kamatayang SPCP A, all tournaments, A AKO LAGI) with Anna

Did you progress naman from your first tourney to the last? Or have you been consistently banban? Be honest.
Duh. If I didn’t I’d get murdered.

Which format do you prefer? BP, Asians, or Australs? Bakit naman?

What is your most memorable round so far in your debate career? Why?
ANG DAMI swear. I did state some examples kanina pero something screwed up and the previous post I typed up was lost. BOOOO!

What was the hardest room that you've ever been in? Kamusta naman?
It would be a room which had either Peter or Phillip Poon. :)) Never won in any of those kinds of rounds sadly.

Sinong gusto mong makadebate na hindi mo pa nadebate
noon? Pwedeng present debater or one of the ancients. At Bakit?
I’d think, but I don’t have time. ECON calls

May naging crush ka ba sa debate community?
♥ HAHAHAHA YES. Tapos ang tumutugtog pa sa aking player ay ‘Who Is That Man?’ Okaaaay, Labo.

Nagawa mo na bang pumunta sa isang tourney para lang masulyapan ang, at possibly makipaglandian sa, crush mo?

What was your most banban round ever? Anung kabanbanan ang ginawa mo?
Ang dami kong weird rounds na nabwisit ako and I thought that I was so freaking stupid. As in sobra. XD

Do you have a debate grudge against someone?
Define grudge. …….. *thinks* Ye---aaaah…

Debate grudge against an institution?
*thinks… smiles* SECRET!

Weh, sinong debater ito?

At anong institution ito?
I DON’T SEE WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW! (Uy, AYA!!! I used your line! ILY JUDGE 2!!!)  

Did you ever have an 'upset' moment? Pwedeng kayo ang na-upset o kayo ang nang-upset.
Syempre naman… both kinds.

Was it justified naman ba?
It may be justified to him, but it wasn’t justified to us. Cheska and I were willing to murder him na like sobra. :))

Which is a perfect segue to my next question: Have you ever been adjed by a banban adj?
♥ HELLO. Duh. Debate life will not be complete without an adj who is like that.

Pakiexplain. Anu pala ang ginawa niya sayo?
Um in simple terms, WE LOST. Or we didn’t get first.

Personally, ano dapat ang gagawin sa mga banban na adj?
And you have to ask me…

What was your favorite break night ever?
PSDC is love.

And why?
Because it’s PSDC. Nuff said. As in love ko ang PSDC kasi ang ganda nya.

Do you have any debate ritual?
We brought back the pray before round thing.

Did it help you break naman?
Not break, but we did get pretty far.

Do you look forward to being an adjudicator once you graduate from your debate career?

Have you ever debated oregon oxford?
TRIED. The keyword is tried. And I hated it.

Kunwari tao si
oregon oxford at si britparl. Anu kaya ang sasabihin ni britparl kai oregon oxford?
Who the heck are you!?

May magic mirror at kaharap mo si parliamentary debating. Anu ang sasabihin mo sa kanya, bilang conclusion sa survey na ito?
mm…. I can’t think straight. Kasi ECON EH!


Okay, something’s up with my multiply na every time I want to change the color naghahang sya so my long blog posts are lost. So I did it on word first. And voila.

Anyways… I’m listening to the soundtrack of P!P! because I love it a lot. And I’m chilling before I do Econ.

Awwwww, we had our last class in Nihongo before the Elective Fair, and Sensei was so sweet. He watched P!P! with his kids. He’s so nice!!!! And we’re gonna miss you sensei. >:D<

We’re gonna do something AMAZING for the elective fair. I LOVE IT. :>  

HAHAHA. Anyways. ECON CALLS. And Dan is still chatting with me. HI DAN!

26 February 2009 @ 05:29 am
... for the sake of having it. I CAN'T WAIT. As in, after this day, i can't wait to get away. BAD. Disclaimer: This isn't accurate. I just counted the days left on my diary. :)) HAHAHAHA

(Saturday class isn't included, kasi we might not have classes exactly, but we'll be in school. XD)



And we already had our last Research class...


We had our last English lesson. :( Tomorrow is share a book. AWWWW
And we had our last meeting as a GIFT class today.

Let me just say...
I LOVE YOU. And you'll forever be in my heart.

:> End.

23 February 2009 @ 08:00 pm
... yeah, this is the only time to do this.

Our last GIFT class session is nearing. (*sobs*). It's on THURSDAY, FEB. 26, 2009.

And you know that we're going to have a Mini-party / picnic (i have no idea, BUT WE ARE GOING TO EAT. :>)

So please please bring food. :) ILY So much FSD, bring food ha. If you don't bring, buy from the canteen. =)) HAHAHAHAHA

Oh and, THIS IS OPEN TO FSD MEMBERS and DEBATE POOL MEMBERS (So that includes Abby, Dan, Kalie, Reg, beata, Jamie, Bea) Hopefully if you guys don't have GIFT, come and join us. >:D<

:D See you thursday!

- Paula

22 February 2009 @ 04:14 am
... and it's so BITTERSWEET.

To tell you the truth, i seriously considered quitting the Prod team. Well this was because the schedule was killing me, I mean come on... that was way back January, and we had several competitions too (Which didn't turn out quite well sadly... :( Oh well...) And the GIFT fair was looming over us, and i needed to be there for FSD. As in swear... i took upon myself that responsibility of being there for FSD. Plus, i didn't know how to juggle Acad, and i am really determined to graduate with honors... i remember that i got home late from meralco (the first time we went there) and our defense was the next day, I CRIED. The stress was too much.

But, i am so glad. VERY GLAD, that i didn't quit. It was worth it. All that stress and hardwork paid off. This was the first time i was part of a MAJOR production, and ultimately, SPCP history, if I may say so myself.

First, I LOVE YOU LIGHTS COMMITTEE!!! ILY guys so much. Janine dear, too bad you didn't join us for the last 3 shows. That's just so sayang, we had so much fun. To Maia darling, the youngest, cutest, perkiest and funniest member of the team, we love you A LOT, and I'm gonna miss you and your very nice expressions and laughs. :) You've cheered me up a lot. To Selena, ang aking kasama sa lights booth, i'm gonna miss you a lot. To Jan, our beloved LIGHTS HEAD, we love you a lot. And of course to my co-senior members of the team, Nina, Mora and Anna, you were great.

Two, i had a lot of bonding time with some of my friends who were part of the production... i wasn't able to spend a lot of time with them way back because they were always so busy. P!P! Gave me enough time to be with you guys before I leave SPCP. BUT I SWEAR, I AM GONNA MISS YOU A LOT!!!! All of you, AYA, SAMMIE, MONTY, NIKKI, MIKEY, DAN, KALIE... did i miss anyone else? I don't think so... :) It's just so sad that i'll be gone after March. Less than a month from now, I'll be saying goodbye to a place where 13 years of my life were spent. But a little bit of me will be left in SPCP (especially after Sister Teresita B. said that our names [THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION] will be "immortalized in the SP Complex") That seriously made me cry a lot...

Three, I made A LOT, and i mean A LOT of new friends... there were people like Joane, and there were of course new male friends like Justin, Dan, Mar, Cash, the other Dan, Kaloy, as in madami. And i am going to miss you guys too. I couldn't believe na 3rd year lang kayo, at mas bata kayo sa akin. AYYYYYYY.

Four, and last, I've come to love P!P!. A lot... i love it so much and i am going to miss being in such a production when i head off to college in June. :(

I expect to see EVERYONE in the Cast and Prod party on Tuesday. I'll take another breather from studying and attend it. Because, i am going to miss this experience a lot. It's worth all the stress after all.

Oh and last, to specific people.

To Aya, darling, my little sister and one of my closest (and i can say, BEST FRIEND), i am going to miss you a lot. You made me cry last night!!! :)) I wasn't going to cry, but you managed to make me do so. I am going to miss you. And you will manage through Junior year on your own. yeah, there won't be anyone who'll tell you, "Aya, you're doing it wrong", "Aya, you're so perky." or "Aya, FMA chapter ___ is out." I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SOBRA!!!! I plan to give you guys individual and longer letters, kasi i want it to be more personal than this. :)

To Sammie, hello dear, first i wish you good luck as you run for SCT. I think you can change the way i view SPCP. You were wonderful as a judge... (Even Ms. Pike said so. ;) Wearing head sets make you hear a lot. :)) HAHAHA Joke. You were fantastic)

To Dan, dearie, good luck also as you run for SCT. And as the year ends, i am leaving FSD into your and Alex's hand... You have seen and experienced the life of a debater, and i think, with a little training, you can be big. I can see you surpassing the acheivements we had this year, i swear that you can break. :)

To Kalie, my sweet little sister (well all of you are sweet), you were great in P!P!, and you are and will be equally great in debate. I swear, i can see it. I know that i may have been too tough on you, and i apologize for that. But ILY a lot. :)

To Monty, my darling kohai... Ayaka says hello and conrgatulations for a job well done, she misses you as much as I will, and we're both turning 18! :)) HAHAHAHA, anyway. I AM GOING TO MISS YOU TOO. >:D<

To Abby, yes, you're not part of P!P!, but i missed you a lot. And i know that you missed me too. You're a fantastic little sister. All of you are actually, and I'm glad that i met you. You were there for me thick and thin. :)

All of you guys, I'll miss you. yes, I will. :(

15 February 2009 @ 04:40 am
FSD (and Comm Arts of course),
I'm so proud and happy for all of us!!
My hugs go out to all those who worked hard for this show... which is of course headed by the teachers, and Ms Prexy Anna! :) HAHAHA

Tapos na rin. *bows*