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08 May 2010 @ 06:17 pm

9 presidential candidates. 90 days of grueling campaign around the country. Over 47 million voters. It’s finally judgment day.

It’s been a really long ninety days. We’ve heard numerous jingles (some of them LSS-worthy, some you just wonder what?) , seen many posters (some on proper poster areas, on gates, on cars and even on trees and electric posts) and of course listened to the platforms and the different things the candidates can offer.

I’ve decided on who I’m going to vote and I believe these people really have what it takes to lead this country. Together with other Yellows out there, I stand behind Senator Noynoy Aquino, Senator Mar Roxas and the entire SLAMAT LORRRD. We’ve come too far to falter and give up. We’re nearly there at the finish line.

We have done so much for this campaign. And I think that we did it because we all believed in the capabilities of our candidates. We believe in their platform, the programs they have for this country. We may not have spent a lot of money on this campaign, but because the people wanted it to happen, it did.

We have come so far just to quit (I doubt that we would quit anyway). We painted the Araneta Coliseum yellow on a day that we all remember as historic. We went around the country and we Rocked the Vote! We tied a yellow ribbon around the Philippines. We really rocked it out and showed our support during the Araw na Dilaw.

On May 10, 2010, we have to go out and vote, because it’s time to BRING IT.

And… I believe that the Future is BRIGHT YELLOW.

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09 April 2010 @ 09:50 pm
I remember when I was a kid, I love to watch a certain anime series on TV. It was called Digimon Adventures 01, and I’m sure people know it quite well since it was one of the more popular animes back then, alongside Pokemon and sailor moon. Right now you’re probably thinking what the heck is the connection of an anime to the campaign or to my choice in the upcoming elections. It’s quite clear that I support the Aquino-Roxas tandem. I mean some of my friends and even family members support other candidates, but I stand behind my decision to support Noy and Mar. Now going back to the connection between the two… (I’ll try not to use too many spoilers) anyone who’s familiar with the storyline will know about the ‘crests’ given to each digidestined child (aka the main characters). These crests symbolize certain characteristics or traits that they possess which help them to socialize well with other people. It helps them cope with certain situations. It also enables their digimon to digivolve to a higher level. But enough about that… I think that the 9 crests summarize what characteristics I find in the tandem that makes me want to vote for them.

The first crest is that of COURAGE. Courage defined in the dictionary is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.” Okay, so I know that bravery and courage is not exactly the same thing, but anyway. I remember this quote in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone… the one at the end of the year feast wherein Dumbledore awards last minute points. He says: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” We all know that with Senator Noy, that he will not interfere if ever friends, or allies or whatever will get involved in certain cases. He will not abuse his power to do so. In doing that, or even making that pronouncement, he exhibits courage. I really know that it takes a great amount of courage to stand up to your friends, and to not interfere if they do anything wrong. I’ve experienced it before, and I’m sure that Senator Noy can likewise do the same. Also, running for the presidency, in my opinion, would take a great amount of courage because you are going to enter a battlefield whose result is unknown. Anything can happen. There are a lot of problems that need to be overcome. Issues, mudslinging, black propaganda and the like. The road to Malacanang is not an easy one. But Senator Noy is willing to face all those difficulties because he knows that he can help improve the condition of this country. And I believe that he can help change this country for the better.

The word love has a lot of definitions. But let’s stick to one of the most basic definitions. The second crest was LOVE. I read up on the description of love used in the anime and it said that it was more of the ability to care for others, a compassionate kind of love rather than that romantic type of love. I think that Senator Noy genuinely loves his countrymen and this country because, although reluctant at first, he decided to run for the presidency. He believed that he can change the situation that we are in. By sacrificing a lot of things in running for the presidency: his time for himself, his time with his loved ones among the few. From his ads, I can really say that he genuinely cares for the people of this country. I know that’s it’s not just an elegantly crafted script of sorts. It’s real, it’s genuine. He loves the people with all his heart and I think that’s one of the things that he actually learned from his parents, and I’m glad that there’s actually a presidentiable that truly cares for the welfare of the people.

The third was FRIENDSHIP. Alright, we all know the quote that No man is an island. I also heard one from another anime, a quote that I hold close to my heart, ‘Choose the people you know you can trust.’ And of course, most of the people we would trust aside from our family is our friends. Alright, people say things about the company he keeps and what not that he might just use his power for the benefit of those close to him, but I believe otherwise. I’m sure that Senator Noy has friends he keeps close. People who are sure to support him no matter what happens. People who are friends with him unconditionally. They’re friends with him not because of the power he has but because he’s a real and trustworthy person to be with. They do say ‘Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.’ The people he surrounds himself with gives us a perception of who he really is. I’m sure he surrounds himself with people who are trustworthy and willing to serve the people. So I genuinely believe that he too will support the people and serve them willingly. I mean, why would be friends with people that genuinely serve the people if they say that he does not do so or vice-versa? I also think that he values his friends and the people around him greatly, a trait that I admire a lot not only in him, but in other people as well. It’s one of the traits that sets him apart too.

‘The quality of being open and truthful; not deceitful or hypocritical’ that is SINCERITY. I believe that of all the candidates, Noy is the most sincere. He is not running for the sake of gaining more power, or to increase his wealth or what not, but he wants to really serve the people. He is sincere in making the promises he has made. I think that sincerity is one of the more important characteristics that a president should have. If a person is not sincere, for example the president, then how will the people respect him or believe him? If you decide to lead this country then it should be with all your heart, and not just because of personal interests. I really believe that he’s not going to use the presidency for his personal gains, and I’m sure that he’s definitely not going to deceive the people and later on just apologize for it.

Of course we have to look at how competent the candidate is, and sometimes one of the things they look at to judge their competence is their academic background. ‘Familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study’ is KNOWLEDGE. And I’m sure that after all the Senator Noy and his family has gone through their entire lives, he knows quite a lot about the ideal type of government. A government that will really be for the people. They say that he has no experience that will help him run this country, but I disagree. Imagine, acting as the man of the house when your father was wrongly put it jail, surviving a coup attempt during your mother’s term and reluctantly running for the presidency because the people want you because they believe in you greatly. He’s perfectly aware of the political situation in this country and he really believes that he can change that situation. With all the experience I think that he’s pretty knowledgeable and capable of really changing this country for the better.

Sixth is RELIABILITY. We need a president who will be there for the people. Someone who will genuinely serve the people. Of course reliability is one of the more important qualities of a leader. I mean will you choose a leader that wouldn’t be there when you needed him or her the most? We need someone who can really connect with the people, someone who understands them, what they need, what will be best for them. The people need someone they can depend on in times of need. Of course it shouldn’t mean that people could depend on the president all the time and then blame them afterwards if things go wrong. But they need someone who they can depend on in making sure that the quality of life here will improve.

Seventh is HOPE. Noy has big hopes for this country. Hope may seem to be a difficult term to define, but think of it as something similar to wish fulfillment. He really believes that his hope of a better country will come true. Of course, it’s not only hoping that this country will improve, but he partners that with action. But of course desiring for good is an admirable quality in any person. Of course I believe that he’s the hope of this country because he can serve this country selflessly. We all desire for a better life, more opportunities, a bigger, better and brighter future. And I believe that under an Aquino administration, this hope will become reality.

Eighth is LIGHT also called GOOD (in the anime). Alright, it’s weird that it’s called light. But basically it’s doing good. Of course when you speak of politics, there are people who believe that the people engaged in politics are no longer good one way or another. But it’s in a person to choose whether he chooses the wrong or right path. Like what was said in the latest ad, each person, each politician has a choice to make: whether to take the straight and correct path, or the crooked and winding path. I’m sure that Noy will make the right decisions because he wants only what is good for this country. Heck he might be the ‘light’ of this country or whatever. A single ray of light in all the darkness and the problems this country has experienced. And I believe in that.

Lastly is KINDNESS. If I relate it to the previous trait, kindness can truly be shown to others if your intentions in doing a certain act is good. You want only what’s best for the people. I remember this certain movie where they pushed for a random act of kindness. Each one of us is capable of doing any random act of kindness but we are not aware of it, but somehow, we’ve touched people’s lives. In his entire lifetime, I’m sure that Noy has touched peoples’ lives with his own random acts of kindness. I can also relate it to the trait of compassionate love, because he wants only the best for others.

Thirty days to go (according to facebook. So I think the 30 days meaning before May 10 and not may 10 itself) and the future of this country is in our hands. It’s actually quite amusing that the countdown of 30 days landed on Araw ng kagitingan… The day of valor. In World War II many soldiers perished in a war that has changed this world. Valor is basically courage and bravery especially in battle. This is a long battle we’re fighting and Senator  Noy, senator mar and the entire SLAMAT LORRRD need us to be with them in this long battle. We cannot falter or lose hope. Come May 10, we’re the ones tasked to choose who will be the best to lead us to a brighter tomorrow. Tumaya na ako. I will stand behind Noy, mar and the SLAMAT LORRRD along with others who believe in their capabilities. We’ve come so far to give up. We cannot stop because camps have been accusing each other of various things. We entered this long battle together, and we’re going to finish it together. We’ve won the smaller battles, but there’s still a ‘war’ to win and anything can happen. Thirty days will go by, and soon it will be judgment day. Every second, minute, hour and day counts. We have to do whatever we can for this cause we all believe in. There’s no room for mistakes now, no backing out, no turning back. We’ve come so far to just give up. I’m sure we can finish it to the end, and eventually emerge victorious.
31 March 2010 @ 07:23 pm
Originally written on March 13, 2010.

Despite being so tired last night, after coming home from dinner/birthday celebration with my French friends (Francis, Pat, Val and Astrid), I woke up early again today just to join Yo!Noy UPD for the flyering and postering ops.

So mom and dad dropped me off at the IC, and I saw Ayshia there, sitting outside of IC so I joined her. Turns out we were the first two there, despite call time being at 7 am. (I got there a little before 7). soon, JV joined us and we waited. Ayshia told me she was supposed to get picked up by Josh and Abbi, but neither were answering her calls. So we waited. and waited. and waited. Until the sun caught up with us and our shade was quite small and we were feeling the heat. So we decided to check IC, because Josh might still be asleep, so Ayshia asked someone to wake him up. After numerous calls (God knows how many, i forget.) and two people to wake Josh up, he finally woke up. It's okay Josh, we know how tired you are and all. :) Abbi had just woken up too, and Cla was still on her way.

But nevertheless, we were finally complete, 8 of us, with Sir Pats, JV and Francis' teacher in Xavier. After breakfast and briefing, we went and folded some of the brochures we were going to give out. We had quite a few to give out: Flyers, stickers, ballers, brochures... so many. then the pick-up came. It was interesting because I've never really been part of the campaign trail. So it was definitely a new experience. So armed with all the collateral we had, and the LSS-ful jingle of SLAMAT LORRRD, we went on our way.

Our first stop, i forget where. Somewhere near KLN i think. :| I forget unfortunately. so we get off, the large speakers blaring music and we had given out quite a few stickers and ballers already. Unfortunately those were the first to go, as i expected. I had to give up my baller (which i have had for quite some time), and so did some of the others. Kids kept coming back just for the ballers, but we had to turn them down because it was best if we gave them to those who were actually going to vote. I mean, kids do influence their parents, but still, we thought it best to give them to the grown-ups. some people quickly told us: "Iboboto namin yan!" or "Noynoy kami!" which of course we appreciate a lot. But of course there were people who turned us down. Like there was this old man who was outside of his house and I politely gave him a set of flyers and brochures and he turned it down, and then told me: "Sorry, pero Marcos ako eh. Marcos!" Nevertheless, i said thank you and went off to other houses, and he was still telling us that he was a Marcos Supporter. No biggie, honestly. There are people like that, and we can't really force our ideals on someone else.

If there's one thing that characterizes the elections, it's when you meet people who accept your flyers and whatnot then ask if something was inserted inside. You know what I mean. Of course we had anticipated that already. Jan, since he already had experience, was telling us that the best answer he had for that was "Meron po. Pagbabago po ang laman nyan." which is a good answer actually. There were people who, if you didn't give them ballers or stickers or whatever, they will turn down your flyers and brochures. of course I can't blame them, but i think it's important too to learn the platform of the candidates, and that's what we were giving them: Information and the platform and stand of our candidates. I did experience that question, only it was now more specific. We were already in philcoa, and we were on the market side of Philcoa. And i was giving out flyers when this woman in her stall asked me: "Wala ba yang pera?" Okay, i wasn't really expecting it to be THAT specific. But of course one way or another, it just had to come up. So we had to politely explain that we weren't running on that sort of campaign. I mean, if we really wanted genuine change, then you're not supposed to resort to tactics like inserting cash into your collateral or anything. And you shouldn't be selling your vote, and neither should you be buying votes.

But of course, we were well received. There were streets with people that said that their entire street was for Noynoy and Mar. That's a good sign. At least. And it was even more relieving to see posters of the tandem on their doors, yellow ribbons on their cars and gates, ballers on their arms and the like. (Of course, sir Pats and I were a bit scared of the dog, especially that rather big one that looked like a bulldog, but seemed to be far too sleepy to actually bark at us.)

Of course there were funny moments while we were campaigning like when we passed by this woman's stall again on our way back to where the car was. We gave her more brochures and then she suddenly asked (looking at me): "Aquino ka ba?" Of course i had to reply, no. And then she adds: "Ah kasi mukha kang half-chinese". (Expression: O____O") Okay, not the first time i was asked if i were Chinese, but with that comment, Cla and Ate Abbi were back to teasing me again, and it was even funnier (and definitely more fun, i can't deny) when we were sharing stories.

So Postering and Flyering ops were a success, in my opinion. Although we were less than 10, we managed to cover a lot of ground and we were able to do a lot and we found supporters, which was good. :) Hopefully there will be more, and i'll still be able to go. And it's all for the best. :)
31 March 2010 @ 07:18 pm
Originally written on March 14, 2010


My mind just couldn't get over the thing yesterday, especially that "wala ba yang pera" thing.

True, i've never experienced anything like that. (First time to campaign, yes.) But that was quite a shocker. i always imagined the state of politics here in our country to be bad, but it was much worse than that unfortunately.

I was talking to Val about it yesterday. Then i thought, joining this campaign may be the only thing i can do to ensure that this country has a better, and brighter future ahead of it. I may not experience it (Due to circumstances), but I'd love to see this country be a better place, especially for the future generations. maybe it's my idealist side speaking out, but hey, I'm free to dream.

Seeing people yesterday proclaim their support for your candidate, people appreciating your efforts, it was very heartwarming. It was definitely an experience I won't forget.

Now about the money issue. Well, like i said i was talking to Val about it yesterday and i was telling her my thoughts. One, Vote buying is against the law. My vote is definitely NOT for sale, so sorry. I went to church today and before the mass ended, they read the Pastoral Letter on the Elections. In fairness, it actually made me listen well (I was quite sleepy, but immediately perked up upon hearing it.) It calls of course for us to choose the candidate we believe can help us in making this country a better place. remember, this is six years under a new president. I don't want to make the wrong choice and regret it later on. My lola was actually joking around with me yesterday. She noted how Erap was gaining support and was slowly going up in the surveys. So I told her, "Hay naku lola, if Erap wins again, first thing i'll do, or any of us for that matter, we'll petition you kaagad and get you out of this country." To which she agreed. (No offense to Erap fans there.) My good friend Agnes and I were able to chat the other night, which was so rare because we were at least 3000 kilometers (i think) apart. She was in the States, i was here in manila. She had gone to register for absentee voting and she was asking me about the politics here in our country. And she reacted the same way as my grandmother. But i think i managed to convince her thankfully. And i managed to convince my dad too! He's now wearing an Aquino-Roxas baller, which is so unlike my dad.

Second, of course Vote selling is against the law too. If living conditions weren't like this here, i doubt people would actually sell their vote. Or if the education system here was way better or something. I mean, i now realize the value of education, especially if i compare myself to other people out there. Do they regard their vote as having very little value that it actually brings them to sell it? If they only realized how one vote, just one, can change everything. And later on they'd end up grumbling, saying why is everything not going as they thought it would have. I ask, did you do the right thing? Did you make steps to ensure that we would get that brighter future we wanted? I don't think vote selling will actually guarantee you that bright future. I mean if we really wanted GENUINE CHANGE for that matter, then things like this shouldn't be happening. how will we get that change if there are people expecting cash or anything else to fall out of collateral? Well for one, i'm confident in saying that we don't run a campaign like that. If we said that we'll fight corruption, then fighting it starts there. We're not going to stoop down to other people's level (which in my opinion would seem so desperate). If people want genuine change, we'll help them get it. Candidates aren't supposed to be running to escape certain fates or whatever, they shouldn't be running to be able to get their hands on more power and abuse it. People on the other hand shouldn't be so gullible when it comes to these things. They were given minds so they can weigh out things and think about how something like the elections could actually affect their entire lives. I'm glad though that there are more people, especially the youth who are now more aware of the situation, and they're more vigilant now. Maybe that'll prove that the saying "Ang kabataan ang kinabukasan ng bayan." true.

Oh well, here's to the best. :)
31 March 2010 @ 07:16 pm
Originally written on March 27, 2010.


Pardon me for writing this in English. I can't help myself.

We're halfway there. Forty-four days to go before the 'Promised day'. Forty-four days to make this work out. And I do believe that we can work this out.

After a lot of planning and preparation, we finally pushed through with our send-off activity and training session for volunteers called: Halftime NA, Sama ka NA! I don't know who created the name, but i did like it. The name itself says a lot already. If we were doing everything we can to do help in the campaign, it was time to double that effort.

On the day itself, I found myself slightly panicked since I left the house late and since I had to commute to get to UP. As soon as I got inside UP, Cla and I had to pick up the food and then make our way immediately to the venue (Consunji room, Bahay ng Alumni, or as Kiko put it, TBA) When we got there, we helped set up the food, the drinks (boy it was difficult to mix that large container of juice), and whatever else we could set up.

Soon time went by and we all realized we were still a bit few there. Most of us there were already members of Yo!Noy UP Diliman, who were active. And there were four other volunteers not from UP. So we did what we should have done the night before I guess: texted everyone who had confirmed, everyone on our list, everyone who we thought were free. I was sad to know that some of those who I had invited couldn't make it, so I had to find others to come, thankfully, RG and Val (who had confirmed) came, and Val even brought a friend! Fred even went out of the building to look for people who were willing to attend even if they weren't from UP and even if they weren't really supporters. I know think it was alright to do so, because now, if they weren't supporters, then we've done our best to convince them that Senator Noy is the right candidate for president.

Because we started rather late, a few changes had to be made to the program, and some parts of the program had to be changed. We had well-made powerpoints that clearly described what we stood for, what we do and what we can offer. We had members of Yo!Noy UP Diliman speak about different things that would be able to inform the people who were there (since not all of them were volunteers. Some might have been undecided, some supporting a different candidate). We had kits that would equip some of the volunteers who were going home with the right information. We had small icebreakers of sorts that had important values to be learned. Of course we had food to fuel the people there so as they won't get too bored.

In the end, I thought that it had gone smoothly. we were able to pull through, and we were satisfied with the results. It would have been fun with more people of course, but we were happy that we were still able to push through with it. I learned a lot of new things of course. I met new people, and even got time to bond with my Yo!Noy UP Diliman family. I think that we were able to accomplish the goals we had set for that activity, although there were a few things we can improve on. But hey, we're learning, soon we'll have it perfected.

There's forty-four days left. We have to double the effort. If we exerted a lot of effort before, we have to do it four times better. The campaign itself is intensifying as the election day nears. somehow I want to grab a calendar and mark the days with an 'x' if it's done. I mean not to pressure myself, but to remind me that change is going to happen soon, but we have to make sure that it does happen. I mean, the future of this country is in our hands.

I want to end this by saying that (although it may sound corny) we're all in this together. This is our fight for change and we can only win it if we're all devoted and we pool our efforts together and make sure this genuine change we believe in does happen.

It's people who will win this election and not posters.
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31 March 2010 @ 07:14 pm
Before I x-post something from my FB, i'd like to post this notice in case people might be surprised.

I'll be using this LJ to post stuff too about the campaign of Senator Noy, and all posts will be public.

That's all.
30 March 2010 @ 09:51 pm
Yes, I have not posted in a while... :)) hahahaha

One more exam and i'm free!!

Pardon if i'm not going to use the LJ-cut. I'd rather people get to read this immediately. :) the more people who read it the better actually.

x-posted from my notes on FB. :) 


The number forty is significant in various aspects of our lives. It’s significant in different religions, not only in Christianity, but also in Judaism and Islam, plus other Middle East traditions. Also, the number forty, when spelled out, is unique, because it is the only number where the letters that make it up are arranged in alphabetical order.

Today, there are FORTY DAYS LEFT.

It’s crunch time. As much as we’re all glad that Senator Noy is doing rather well when it comes to leading in the survey, we can’t be complacent. After all, a lot can happen in forty days. I now want to write something for the next forty days, document things like that.

I now look back to the first day I actually joined Yo!Noy UP Diliman. Kiko had asked me if I wanted to join and help out in the campaign. I thought about it, consulted with my parents (after all I ask for their thoughts about certain things before making a decision) and thought about it more. Then I realized, joining this campaign might be worth my time and my effort. After all, I do believe in what Senator Noy and his party stand for. Although other candidates may have the upper hand on things like campaign ads, Senator Noy has volunteers behind him, all willing to sacrifice certain things for the betterment of this country. So I decide to finally join in, but had to skip the first meeting because it was my grandfather’s 80th birthday. The next time I joined a meeting, I had to leave early. I promised that I would join the next meeting.

And so I did. I’m actually thankful that my parents were tolerant enough to fetch me when I stayed so late in UP. Sometimes I feel guilty that they had to fetch me so late at night. Unfortunately my fear of commuting alone late at night gets the better of me, and of course my parents refuse point blank to let me commute using a taxi. I’m glad that my parents were supportive of my decision to join, and now I think I have convinced my dad to vote for Senator Noy.

I’ll fast forward to the day of my first flyering ops. (For a detailed account of that day, see other note ‘You know it’s election period when…’) I’m glad I joined even if I had a chem. Exam that coming Monday. My mom was actually worried I wouldn’t be able to study for my exam. I assured her otherwise and went on to join the ops. I learned a lot from that experience actually.

Not only did I get a first-hand experience of what was really happening in the ‘real world’, I saw the support that common people show for Senator Noy. It’s amazing how they openly declare their support, with smiles on their faces, full of hope that this may be the only way to change the state of this country. Somehow I share that hope too.

Now I would regularly update some of my high school friends about the status of the campaign, like the survey ratings and what not. I’m glad that, even if they’re not of voting age yet, my friends are hopeful and believe in what we are fighting for. Their parents and other family members are for Senator Noy, and a friend of mine actually told me that she was sad that she wasn’t of voting age yet. I told her that even if you aren’t of voting age you could still do a lot to help in the campaign.

Today I was telling my grandaunt that I was helping out in the campaign and thankfully she understood and she actually encouraged me because I gain a lot of experience and learn a lot of new things. I get to interact with people and see the state of their lives. Looking back, I have no regrets that I joined in this effort. Now, I’m looking forward to the next forty days. There’s no turning back now, the end is near. The finish line is just there, and all effort should be exerted if we want to reach it first.

It’s certainly going to get interesting.


there. out for now. :)
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31 December 2009 @ 06:28 am

20 December 2009 @ 08:50 pm
... and my multiply and LJ look abandoned. :))

So a lot has happened... sort of. Finished this half of the second sem, without any injuries =)) LOL. Although i am thinking of my chem exam... i didn't bother to go see the results in Quibuyen's office.

But now i am in davao, again for Christmas... last year i was here too. But it's okay. Except maybe for the fact that before we got to davao i had only an hour of sleep. On the airplane, i slept for an hour, but it wasn't comfy since babies were crying everywhere creating some sort of ruckus. Hello, it's 4 AM, and babies are crying when you're trying to sleep. :|

And then when i got to Davao, i slept. :))

Hey, F-list how are you naaaaa.... (remembers that she has to post new chapters to her fic lest she gets stormed by angry fic readers. :)) HAHA)

So there... :D X-Posting kasi tinatamad na ako. >.<

04 September 2009 @ 09:47 pm
I just used to notes thing to post stuff, but now that i have time, I can actually type about this past week.. The last full blog i had was when ep 19 of FMA was aired... and that was A MONTH AGO i think (if i'm right... that's ep 19, then ep 20 the following week, then no FMA, then ep 21...)

I watched Manoro last saturday because Alvin required us to and since i needed extra points. He has not given our exam back yet! So i watched with the CE guys and Lia... then went home and did the papers i need to submit including the Manoro paper which i submitted on Sunday... :)) *Then i find out that he posted a format for the paper which i was unaware of since i did send it already.*

I was happy though that i finished most of the papers, i only have Kite runner to do now and the revision of my NE/DE for Eng 1. Plus i have to buy the stuff i'll need for the process essay thing (Which is Kani Salad)

Monday, no PE! I just realized, that with the holidays on Mondays, only have PE on the 14th and 28th. which is a relief since i'm getting tired of Yoga. XD definitely not going for PE 3. :)) Mark I and I plan to take Social Dancing HAHA.

Tuesday, yeah, usual sched same old, same old. The same with Wednesday. It's thursday that's worth blogging about actually. I think the only fun thing on Wednesday was Our math teacher singing since he was late for the 2nd time around (he said he left 2 hours before, but ended up getting to UP at 9...) And the fact that geog script was due friday of the same week stressed me out (Just like SPCP life all over again)

So i go to school early as usual, getting there around 7:30. i was talking to kat kam and the CE guys when Prof. De ocampo texted me and told me there was no class since she had a meeting, so i texted Cheska and Fina so they can text the other Philo people... I have no idea though about the others, i defnitely had no contact with them. =)) So we were waiting for our math teacher again... 8:30 passed and the countdown timer for late people began... :)) Then around 8:45, may nagtext sa akin, and it was our math teacher (funny he should text me now, the last time there was no classes, he didn't text me and no else did so i ended up going to UP at 7. :|) And everyone just shouted for joy. :)) we ended up waiting for Hale, planning to play a joke, but she found out anyways.

So with a four hour break, i had no idea what to do. So went with the CE guys to the Bio building and stayed there, working on my planner and the script. (How i wish i brought Pyro, my laptop. =)) HAHA) Since i had no intention of sitting in bio (I'm perfectly happy not having any science subjects this sem, since next sem i'm bound to have 2), i went to the Main Lib to work on the script. I was also going to meet Francis for lunch. :)) So worked there, and the fact that the computers were so slow frustrated me a lot. HAHAHA Reminded me of SPCP's computers. =))

So after main lib, met up with francis, went to CASAA, saw that there were A LOT of people and instead, he suggested that we go buy food at Long Island (The pasta there is great!) Erick texted me, so i went back to AS to give anna some of the clothes she might need and Francis and I ended up eating there na lang. :)) (He cut French later on haha) Slept only for 5 hours because of the script.

Friday... well... my mom and dad brought me to school na lang since i was so sleepy. I fell asleep sa car the entire trip to UP from our house. other than that... Normal. Except that Alvin and Vigs had a little word war, and we all felt sorry for Vigs. So we finally got over the geog script and all, and i went back to Fanfiction-ing! :))

Ep 22 TOMORROW!! (Toku no Senaka) [kfsafhbaskfrhbjkb Lin X Lan Fan!!!) :)) HAHAHA Oh and before i forget.

I have to make a bday post for Kalie!