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04 September 2009 @ 09:47 pm
I haven't blogged in a while... T_T  
I just used to notes thing to post stuff, but now that i have time, I can actually type about this past week.. The last full blog i had was when ep 19 of FMA was aired... and that was A MONTH AGO i think (if i'm right... that's ep 19, then ep 20 the following week, then no FMA, then ep 21...)

I watched Manoro last saturday because Alvin required us to and since i needed extra points. He has not given our exam back yet! So i watched with the CE guys and Lia... then went home and did the papers i need to submit including the Manoro paper which i submitted on Sunday... :)) *Then i find out that he posted a format for the paper which i was unaware of since i did send it already.*

I was happy though that i finished most of the papers, i only have Kite runner to do now and the revision of my NE/DE for Eng 1. Plus i have to buy the stuff i'll need for the process essay thing (Which is Kani Salad)

Monday, no PE! I just realized, that with the holidays on Mondays, only have PE on the 14th and 28th. which is a relief since i'm getting tired of Yoga. XD definitely not going for PE 3. :)) Mark I and I plan to take Social Dancing HAHA.

Tuesday, yeah, usual sched same old, same old. The same with Wednesday. It's thursday that's worth blogging about actually. I think the only fun thing on Wednesday was Our math teacher singing since he was late for the 2nd time around (he said he left 2 hours before, but ended up getting to UP at 9...) And the fact that geog script was due friday of the same week stressed me out (Just like SPCP life all over again)

So i go to school early as usual, getting there around 7:30. i was talking to kat kam and the CE guys when Prof. De ocampo texted me and told me there was no class since she had a meeting, so i texted Cheska and Fina so they can text the other Philo people... I have no idea though about the others, i defnitely had no contact with them. =)) So we were waiting for our math teacher again... 8:30 passed and the countdown timer for late people began... :)) Then around 8:45, may nagtext sa akin, and it was our math teacher (funny he should text me now, the last time there was no classes, he didn't text me and no else did so i ended up going to UP at 7. :|) And everyone just shouted for joy. :)) we ended up waiting for Hale, planning to play a joke, but she found out anyways.

So with a four hour break, i had no idea what to do. So went with the CE guys to the Bio building and stayed there, working on my planner and the script. (How i wish i brought Pyro, my laptop. =)) HAHA) Since i had no intention of sitting in bio (I'm perfectly happy not having any science subjects this sem, since next sem i'm bound to have 2), i went to the Main Lib to work on the script. I was also going to meet Francis for lunch. :)) So worked there, and the fact that the computers were so slow frustrated me a lot. HAHAHA Reminded me of SPCP's computers. =))

So after main lib, met up with francis, went to CASAA, saw that there were A LOT of people and instead, he suggested that we go buy food at Long Island (The pasta there is great!) Erick texted me, so i went back to AS to give anna some of the clothes she might need and Francis and I ended up eating there na lang. :)) (He cut French later on haha) Slept only for 5 hours because of the script.

Friday... well... my mom and dad brought me to school na lang since i was so sleepy. I fell asleep sa car the entire trip to UP from our house. other than that... Normal. Except that Alvin and Vigs had a little word war, and we all felt sorry for Vigs. So we finally got over the geog script and all, and i went back to Fanfiction-ing! :))

Ep 22 TOMORROW!! (Toku no Senaka) [kfsafhbaskfrhbjkb Lin X Lan Fan!!!) :)) HAHAHA Oh and before i forget.

I have to make a bday post for Kalie!