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30 March 2010 @ 09:51 pm
Forty days...  
Yes, I have not posted in a while... :)) hahahaha

One more exam and i'm free!!

Pardon if i'm not going to use the LJ-cut. I'd rather people get to read this immediately. :) the more people who read it the better actually.

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The number forty is significant in various aspects of our lives. It’s significant in different religions, not only in Christianity, but also in Judaism and Islam, plus other Middle East traditions. Also, the number forty, when spelled out, is unique, because it is the only number where the letters that make it up are arranged in alphabetical order.

Today, there are FORTY DAYS LEFT.

It’s crunch time. As much as we’re all glad that Senator Noy is doing rather well when it comes to leading in the survey, we can’t be complacent. After all, a lot can happen in forty days. I now want to write something for the next forty days, document things like that.

I now look back to the first day I actually joined Yo!Noy UP Diliman. Kiko had asked me if I wanted to join and help out in the campaign. I thought about it, consulted with my parents (after all I ask for their thoughts about certain things before making a decision) and thought about it more. Then I realized, joining this campaign might be worth my time and my effort. After all, I do believe in what Senator Noy and his party stand for. Although other candidates may have the upper hand on things like campaign ads, Senator Noy has volunteers behind him, all willing to sacrifice certain things for the betterment of this country. So I decide to finally join in, but had to skip the first meeting because it was my grandfather’s 80th birthday. The next time I joined a meeting, I had to leave early. I promised that I would join the next meeting.

And so I did. I’m actually thankful that my parents were tolerant enough to fetch me when I stayed so late in UP. Sometimes I feel guilty that they had to fetch me so late at night. Unfortunately my fear of commuting alone late at night gets the better of me, and of course my parents refuse point blank to let me commute using a taxi. I’m glad that my parents were supportive of my decision to join, and now I think I have convinced my dad to vote for Senator Noy.

I’ll fast forward to the day of my first flyering ops. (For a detailed account of that day, see other note ‘You know it’s election period when…’) I’m glad I joined even if I had a chem. Exam that coming Monday. My mom was actually worried I wouldn’t be able to study for my exam. I assured her otherwise and went on to join the ops. I learned a lot from that experience actually.

Not only did I get a first-hand experience of what was really happening in the ‘real world’, I saw the support that common people show for Senator Noy. It’s amazing how they openly declare their support, with smiles on their faces, full of hope that this may be the only way to change the state of this country. Somehow I share that hope too.

Now I would regularly update some of my high school friends about the status of the campaign, like the survey ratings and what not. I’m glad that, even if they’re not of voting age yet, my friends are hopeful and believe in what we are fighting for. Their parents and other family members are for Senator Noy, and a friend of mine actually told me that she was sad that she wasn’t of voting age yet. I told her that even if you aren’t of voting age you could still do a lot to help in the campaign.

Today I was telling my grandaunt that I was helping out in the campaign and thankfully she understood and she actually encouraged me because I gain a lot of experience and learn a lot of new things. I get to interact with people and see the state of their lives. Looking back, I have no regrets that I joined in this effort. Now, I’m looking forward to the next forty days. There’s no turning back now, the end is near. The finish line is just there, and all effort should be exerted if we want to reach it first.

It’s certainly going to get interesting.


there. out for now. :)
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