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31 March 2010 @ 07:18 pm
I've been thinking about yesterday...  
Originally written on March 14, 2010


My mind just couldn't get over the thing yesterday, especially that "wala ba yang pera" thing.

True, i've never experienced anything like that. (First time to campaign, yes.) But that was quite a shocker. i always imagined the state of politics here in our country to be bad, but it was much worse than that unfortunately.

I was talking to Val about it yesterday. Then i thought, joining this campaign may be the only thing i can do to ensure that this country has a better, and brighter future ahead of it. I may not experience it (Due to circumstances), but I'd love to see this country be a better place, especially for the future generations. maybe it's my idealist side speaking out, but hey, I'm free to dream.

Seeing people yesterday proclaim their support for your candidate, people appreciating your efforts, it was very heartwarming. It was definitely an experience I won't forget.

Now about the money issue. Well, like i said i was talking to Val about it yesterday and i was telling her my thoughts. One, Vote buying is against the law. My vote is definitely NOT for sale, so sorry. I went to church today and before the mass ended, they read the Pastoral Letter on the Elections. In fairness, it actually made me listen well (I was quite sleepy, but immediately perked up upon hearing it.) It calls of course for us to choose the candidate we believe can help us in making this country a better place. remember, this is six years under a new president. I don't want to make the wrong choice and regret it later on. My lola was actually joking around with me yesterday. She noted how Erap was gaining support and was slowly going up in the surveys. So I told her, "Hay naku lola, if Erap wins again, first thing i'll do, or any of us for that matter, we'll petition you kaagad and get you out of this country." To which she agreed. (No offense to Erap fans there.) My good friend Agnes and I were able to chat the other night, which was so rare because we were at least 3000 kilometers (i think) apart. She was in the States, i was here in manila. She had gone to register for absentee voting and she was asking me about the politics here in our country. And she reacted the same way as my grandmother. But i think i managed to convince her thankfully. And i managed to convince my dad too! He's now wearing an Aquino-Roxas baller, which is so unlike my dad.

Second, of course Vote selling is against the law too. If living conditions weren't like this here, i doubt people would actually sell their vote. Or if the education system here was way better or something. I mean, i now realize the value of education, especially if i compare myself to other people out there. Do they regard their vote as having very little value that it actually brings them to sell it? If they only realized how one vote, just one, can change everything. And later on they'd end up grumbling, saying why is everything not going as they thought it would have. I ask, did you do the right thing? Did you make steps to ensure that we would get that brighter future we wanted? I don't think vote selling will actually guarantee you that bright future. I mean if we really wanted GENUINE CHANGE for that matter, then things like this shouldn't be happening. how will we get that change if there are people expecting cash or anything else to fall out of collateral? Well for one, i'm confident in saying that we don't run a campaign like that. If we said that we'll fight corruption, then fighting it starts there. We're not going to stoop down to other people's level (which in my opinion would seem so desperate). If people want genuine change, we'll help them get it. Candidates aren't supposed to be running to escape certain fates or whatever, they shouldn't be running to be able to get their hands on more power and abuse it. People on the other hand shouldn't be so gullible when it comes to these things. They were given minds so they can weigh out things and think about how something like the elections could actually affect their entire lives. I'm glad though that there are more people, especially the youth who are now more aware of the situation, and they're more vigilant now. Maybe that'll prove that the saying "Ang kabataan ang kinabukasan ng bayan." true.

Oh well, here's to the best. :)